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John David California = Fredrik Colting = True

We'd like to appologize for any confusion this may have caused, but at the same time we can't help but giggle. Being a bit of a trickster is no doubt fun. Writing is alot about trying to find out who you are by pretending to be someone else, and sometimes you pretend so well that, instead of finding yourself, you find someone else. During the development of 60 Years Later, we found John David California. He sat there in our office one day and he had the coolest last name we'd ever heard. "Hey Mr. California" we said. "Hey" he said, and that was how it all began.

The essence of creating is imagination, and imagening is another word for making things up. This is how towers are built, the reason submarines stay under water, and why our phones are no longer connected to long cords. Writing a story is just one way of making things up. So, we take it back. We are really not sorry for imagening at all.

The real Fredrik Colting is tall, swedish and belives everbody should be nice to everybody.