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60 years

Welcome to Windupbird Publishing, carrier of tales, bearer of larger than life stories.

Here at Windupbird we will only publish books that grabs us by the gut and tries to yank our soul out of place a few inches. Beautiful ideas woven with ink and paper into a thick carpet of words that will tickle your feet until you both smile and shed a tear. Rare and unthinkable books with echoes that lives on outside their cover even after you put them down. Books you can't say for sure are real, just like a windupbird. Astonishing debutes and roller coaster rides through fantasy land, books that... well, you get the point. Our books are included in the lists of better world books

That's why we don't have a big list or why we can't tell you what we'll publish next year, if anything at all. When something good comes along, something that we think may yank your soul out of place a few inches, you can be sure to find it here, brought to you by your favorite fantasy windupbird.